Driven by our dream to be active participants in the socio - techno development of the country and guided by our core values of integrity, honesty and hard work, CE, 22 years since its establishment has grown into a multidimensional/multinational organization serving sectors in: Construction, Consultancy, Construction Management, Manufacturing, Education, Finance, Health and Hospitality.

As we strive to be the most trusted names in each area of our operations, construction remains our forte. Founded in 1992, the foremost establishment of CE, CE Construction is an organized industry that offers services in general contracting, construction management and design consultancy for projects of all kinds. Drawing on the significant construction experience and project management expertise of our people, we have firmly planted ourselves on the leading edge of innovation and have succeeded in creating a special niche. Today, the company prides itself in the quality and reliability of its work and the personal attention that each of its projects, small or big, receive. Owing to this reputation, CE Construction has had the privilege of leading some of the highest profile projects in the country and outside.

The areas of our operation reflect our vision of socio techno development of the nation. Initiatives for knowledge, skills and technology transfer, creation of infrastructures, and opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship are our ways of sowing seeds for an economically vibrant tomorrow.

Our diversification into our preferred lines of businesses through associate ventures has been through partnerships allowing us to leverage on our core strengths; together, these operations offer synergy to CE’s overall performance.

Traversing the uncertainties of yesterday and prepared to face the challenges of today, we are due to our vision, philosophies and working modality, and most importantly due to our people.

Socio-techno development of nation through entrepreneurship

Integration of different sectors of the construction industry



Quality Policy

It is the policy of CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. to give the highest regard to quality within all the company's undertakings and continually improve its effectiveness. We are committed to continually develop and improve our system and implement the procedures to achieve the highest level of quality standards expected by our customers. The assessment of quality management systems associated with our activities and the determination of preventive measures shall form a key element of our Management System. Read more......