Our Company

Driven by our dream to be active participants in the socio - techno development of the country and guided by our core values of integrity, honesty and hard work, CE, 29 years since its establishment has grown into a multidimensional/multinational organization serving sectors in: Construction, Consultancy, Construction Management, Manufacturing, Education, Finance, Health, Hospitality and Hydropower.

As we strive to be the most trusted names in each area of our operations, construction remains our forte. Founded in 1992, the foremost establishment of CE, CE Construction is an organized industry that offers services in general contracting, construction management and design consultancy for projects of all kinds. Drawing on the significant construction experience and project management expertise of our people, we have firmly planted ourselves on the leading edge of innovation and have succeeded in creating a special niche. Today, the company prides itself in the quality and reliability of its work and the personal attention that each of its projects, small or big, receive. Owing to this reputation, CE Construction has had the privilege of leading some of the highest profile projects in the country and outside.

The areas of our operation reflect our vision of socio techno development of the nation. Initiatives for knowledge, skills and technology transfer, creation of infrastructures, and opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship are our ways of sowing seeds for an economically vibrant tomorrow.

Our diversification into our preferred lines of businesses through associate ventures has been through partnerships allowing us to leverage on our core strengths; together, these operations offer synergy to CE overall performance.

Traversing the uncertainties of yesterday and prepared to face the challenges of today, we are due to our vision, philosophies and working modality, and most importantly due to our people.


Bijay Rajbhandary

Er. Bijay Rajbhandary

Er. Bijay Rajbhandary, the Chairman & Managing Director of CE is a Civil Engineer turned Construction Manager, and a Construction Manager turned Founding Managing Director of CE Construction. The visionary of CE's holding companies, he is a distinguished entrepreneur who has been redefining construction industry in the country and wishes to completely professionalize business ventures to meet international standards. Mr. Rajbhandary, with a Masters in Construction Management from the University of New Mexico, USA, returned to Nepal with a mission to develop the nation through entrepreneurship and has been practicing and promoting the same. In addition to fulfilling his responsibilities as CE's Chairman, he is a Founding Director of Vibor Bikas Bank, The Comfort Housing Pvt. Ltd. and Aggremate Pvt. Ltd.; Founding Chairman and CED of CD Developers, CM Developers, CE Services, C Plus and CE Overseas. Bijay Rajbhandary is what we call a "Technology Transferor" and an "Implementer of Project Management Tools" in the local context. He is a firm believer of education and contributes to the sector by teaching Project Management classes at the Ace Institute of Management. He is a practical trainer and a career counselor to young engineers and a firm yet effective leader of a fast rising company. Mr. Rajbhandary has furthered his technological drive by developing "Construction Management System - CMS," a software on integrated construction management. He is also the proud recipient of the "Distinguished Alumnus Award" from the University of New Mexico in 2001.

Gopal Manandhar

Er. Gopal Manandhar

Founder Director, Er. Gopal Manandhar is the Operations Director of CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. He provides strategic leadership to CE's industrial division and is responsible for managing CE's assets, assuring total quality management and ensuring job site safety. He is the CEO of Aggremate and works in the capacity of a Coordinator from CE for CESEF (Cost Effective, Social and Environment Friendly, Building Materials and techniques), a technology transfer project implemented by Skat_consulting and funded by Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation.

Having been involved as a Project Director and a Project Manager in numerous projects starting from the organization's inception, he has a proven track record of very successfully managing projects.

On graduating from Ranchi University, Birla Institute of Technology, Mr. Manandhar got involved in the Lumbini Development Trust project as a resident engineer. He was a project manager for the trust for the period from 1989 and1993.

Shyam Milan Shrestha

Er. Shyam Milan Shrestha

Er. Shyam Milan Shrestha is the founder Finance Director of CE Construction. His chief expertise lies in financial monitoring of projects and in updating the financial status of the company. He has contributed immensely to project promotion, and to planning and implementing of strategic financial tools for successful completion of projects. A Civil Engineering graduate from Malavia Regional Engineering College, Mr. Shrestha brought to his work as the firm's Finance Director, substantial work experiences. As a Project Engineer for Lumbini Development Trust, he was involved in budgeting, supervising construction, updating project components, and in coordinating engineers, resources and funds in a holistic manner.

Shambhu Prasad Phuyal

Mr. Shambhu Phuyal

Mr. Shambhu Phuyal assumed the responsibility of General Manager in the year 2007, after successfully executing his role as the Chief Account cum Administrative Officer for over 15 years. His has been associated with organization since its establishment. He contributes creative leadership to the Finance, Administration and the Legal departments of the organization and its associate CE ventures. He is also the Member Secretary of the Board of CE and CE's Associate ventures.

Maheshwor Lal Singh

Mr. Maheshwor Lal Singh

Mr. Maheshwor Lal Singh is the Chief Procurement Manager responsible for overall procurement of materials and market research for new products. He is associated with organization since last almost two decades. He has significantly contributed for establishing a comprehensive trading house called C Plus Pvt. Ltd., which is an associate venture of CE Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Asha Kaji Maharjan

Mr. Asha Kaji Maharjan

Mr. Asha Kaji Maharjan is the Chief Assets and Transportation Manager responsible for management of assets and stores in the company. His journey with CE started as a store coordinator and has remained an important team member of the company since last almost two decades. His successive responsibility in the area has rendered him hands-on experience of the respective field and today he is a practical guide to his subordinates.

Our Culture

"Technology brings change, people bring revolution".

CE is committed to recruiting the best and the brightest, and to providing them with suitable platform to realize their potential.

Our Ideology, Philosophy And Working Modality

We value our people. CE belongs to its staff as much as it belongs to its directors. This "Sense of Belonging" is reflected in our everyday action - in the way we recognize deserving performance, the provision we have for involvement in the decision making process and the many opportunities for career growth with us. Likewise, "Lifetime Involvement" is our unique way of saying we will always value our relationship with you and that your opinion and experience count. Lifetime Involvement is CE's promise to keep open to its staff, avenues for involvement in the organization's activities even after their active employment age.

In all that we do and in all that we are today, our valued clients are central to our success. We are committed to act with honesty and integrity letting your needs guide our effort.

TRUST, TRANSPERANCY AND TEAM SPIRIT : These are the 3 T's that CE believes will make the company a well organized system with satisfied employees and consequently, satisfied clients. 'Sense of belonging' and 'life time employment' are CE's unique way of gaining the trust of its employees and furthering their team spirit. 'Sense of belonging' implicates that CE belongs to the employees. CE assigns jobs to its employees as per their physical and mental conditioning for as long as they wish to work For those employees that show a 'spark' CE has been known to provide them with practical training and opportunities within CE, as well as help them start their own venture with CE's management expertise.

4 C's of Working Modality: Committed, Competitive, Confident and Creative : These are the C's that has turned the company around. As a 'D' class contractor CE committed itself to upgrading its status and enhancing its turnover. By enhancing productivity and quality it succeeded in establishing itself as a leader in the industry. With the assurance came confidence which allowed it to tap into its creativity.

So for all who wish to understand CE and its success, CE has become the company that it is today because of its people, its policies, its working modality and its daring to do something different.

Quality of Life : Quality of life consists of both physical and psychological well being of an individual. As a socially responsible organization, we aim to contribute to this by providing favorable working conditions, taking safety measures to avoid health hazards, creating an environment that fosters trust, transparency and team spirit, and ensuring opportunities for their financial security.

To substantiate our effort is our staff housing project in Dhapasi - the Harmony Housing. Apart from this, the company has also created an employee welfare fund, to help those who need fund at the time of an emergency.

Lifetime Involvement : The purpose of Lifetime Involvement is to ensure that age does not become a factor for having to relinquish one's position in the organization. CE will offer to its staff who have crossed their active employment age, opportunities to get involved in the organization's activities in the capacity most befitting their mental and physical capability.

After spending considerable number of years in the organization, our staff are our most valuable source of skill, wisdom and knowledge and we want to be able to honor the fact and to grow under their guidance.

The objective of the initiative is to develop a sense of belonging to the organization and to reinforce the idea that they are a part of the CE family.

Growing by Partnership : The challenges facing individuals in determining that next level in their career has become daunting in today's unpredictable job market. Having said that, opportunities will always be present to the creative and the enterprising individuals. To this end, CE provides partnership opportunities to staff that show commitment and have the required capability.

As with any life cycle, it holds true with efficiency/learning in the career path too -beginning steeply with one's introduction to an organization, it has a tendency to plateau off at a point when the tasks become repetitive to be challenging anymore. At this point, individuals, feeling limited at their current jobs may look to embark on something higher or new. For many, the dream to start their own business remains just that - a dream, due to reasons of inadequate finance, management expertise etc. CE's policy of "Growing through Partnership" provides the means to, thereby, giving its staff all the necessary support.

Growth is only limited to where you think it is limited; CE's policy is to have an open arm for all who want to grow with it.

Our Business


C.H.I.E.F. aptly explains CE's interest of the business areas that complement with its vision of integrated diversification of construction management. With the establishment of Grande International Hospital, it has embarked into the health care sector and thereby substantiating to the fulfillment of its core business areas.

C: Construction, Design, Consulting & Construction Management
H: Health, Hospitality and Hydropower
I: Industry, manufacturing
E: Education
F: Finance

Construction, Consultancy (Design) and Construction Management: Drawing on its "forte" of construction and organized construction management and tapping into local as well as global opportunities, it has very successfully set up a host of associate ventures. CE Services is its designing and consulting wing whose services are available to outside organizations as well.

Health, Hospitality: Operating in multiple industries helps for the survival of the company, but being able to serve the needy would add value to its existence. Therefore, with an aim to provide quality health care services of international standard within country, CE established Grande International hospital that came into operation since 3rd Jan 2013.

Industry: The organization is constantly exploring means to offer its customers a best value for their money. In this quest, CE has ventured into manufacturing industries such as Aggremate Pvt. Ltd and CE Metal Works that produces construction raw materials. By doing so, it is not only able to control the quality of its inputs in construction fleet but is also able to ensure timely deliveries of the internal demand.

Education: With a commitment of developing effective leaders and managers capable of meeting the challenges and opportunities today, our dream of a prosperous Nepal will be realized only when we have created an abundance of work opportunities and have the necessary human resource capable of leading them. As promoters of Ace Institute of Management and Ace Higher Secondary School, the organization is committed to bettering the quality of education in the country. It believes that good education does give rise to creative and daring entrepreneurs, and a background in management helps to create a sound and organized company.

Finance: Having experienced the difficulty of running an enterprise faced with financial constraints, it understand the implication of finances to the growth of an enterprise and can sincerely relate with those enterprising individuals limited by their access to capital. Like many, it shares in the dreams of making capital accessibility easy for individuals with entrepreneurial drive. Besides, realizing the fact that private investment is required for the development of industries, infrastructures, and business, Grande Holdings Pvt. Limited is founded with an aim of contributing to development activities through diverse business entities led by experienced professionals and entrepreneurial founder promoters with strategic partners.

Grande holdings create and manage multi faceted portfolios with unique operation module approach by applying innovative financial tools. The company aims to mobilize its investment in diverse sectors ranging from hydropower, tourism and hospitality, healthcare, infrastructure and real estate. The modus operandi for each identified project is designed to have a promoter from the respective field as a strategic partner to ensure effective execution.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


The company is highly environment conscious and such emphasizes on using environmentally friendly products. Brick manufacturing, for example, is one of the most polluting industries currently in Nepal. CE has been using bricks produced by Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK) technology depending upon its availability in the market. VSBK technology of brick production is one of the cleanest methods of brick production around the world. CE has also initiated the manufacture of VSBK bricks for its consumption.

Health and Safety

CE works with the motto of making job sites safe for its employees. We are serious about our responsibility to educate workers on safety measures and to do everything in our ability to reduce risks in occurrence. Proper measure is taken to prevent electrocution, fall from heights and to avoid being struck by falling objects. We strictly promote the use of safety gear such as hard hat, closed shoes, gloves, safety net and safety belt. We use notice boards with safety notes as reminders to those working in the sites and take care to keep the sites clean and tidy, and provide on site trainings regarding safety measures and proper equipment handling.

Social Initiative - CESEF

CESEF is the acronym of Cost Effective Social and Environment Friendly Building Materials and Techniques which is a technology transfer project implemented by Skat_consulting and funded by Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation in Nepal since January 2005 in Nepal. With the main objective of initiating and providing Clean Building Technology solutions, its different related tasks focus on three vital areas: environment, economics and social components through cost optimization, reduction on embodied energy and by generating local jobs. Here at CE, our collaboration with CESEF is an initiation to introduce technologies which certainly are not new, but rather oblivious to some extent which when implemented bring optimization in cost, consumption and energy. Therefore, the main objective is going green with a genuine cause of acting locally and making an impact globally as far as possible.




CE Construction Pvt. Ltd has been assessed and registered as complying with the requirements of the Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Associate Ventures

  • CE Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.
  • CE Services Pvt. Ltd.(Architecture Design Firm)
  • CE Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Structure Design Firm)
  • CMS Pvt.Ltd.(Construction Management Firm)
  • CE Metal Works Pvt. Ltd.
  • The Comfort Housing Pvt. Ltd.
  • CD Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • CM Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Balaji Investments Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mega Estate Pvt. Ltd.
  • Swastik Properties Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shivam Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aggremate Pvt. Ltd.
  • Artex Pvt. Ltd.
  • CE Concrete Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • CE Met Electrical Fabricator Pvt. Ltd.
  • CE Hydro Mechanical Works Pvt. Ltd.
  • CP Interior Pvt. Ltd.
  • C Plus Pvt. Ltd.
  • CE Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Techno Training Institute Pvt. Ltd.
  • Grande International Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
  • Grande Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
  • Urja Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mewa Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Master Craft Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • The Hub Lumbini Pvt. Ltd.
  • CE Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.