Construction/Construction Management

Construction is an art of delivering physical structure as an outcome of the perfect blend of architecture, ethics and laws; it is the deliverance of physical form resulting from ingenuous architecture and effective project management - CE strives to establish this in each of its undertakings.

Starting its history as a contracting firm, CE Construction today is an organized industry that offers the best in:
- General Contracting,
- Construction Management and
- Design Consultancy

The operation's success today is a proof that competence is the best survival kit needed. Tapping into a wealth of project management expertise, the company has firmly planted itself on the leading edge of innovation and has perfected its competence in infrastructure projects like electrical transmission lines and roads while establishing a solid foothold in the construction industry. It has a proven track record of serving as a responsible and a quality provider. It prides itself in the quality and reliability of its work and the personal attention that each of its projects,small or big receive. Owing to this reputation, CE Construction has had the privilege of leading some of the highest profile projects in the country and outside. Its associate venture CE Overseas Pvt Ltd is a platform through which it explores construction opportunities in foreign countries.


Our facility in design/consultancy, CE Services Pvt. Ltd. is guided in its work by clients' need to seek out optimal and timely solutions that best balance resources, aesthetics and functionality while keeping in sight the local context. Established in February 2008, the firm has designed some very distinguished projects. Apart from designing interiors and exteriors in terms of buildings, landscapes, property development and retrofitting, it is equally skilled at designing infrastructure such as roads and bridges. Its design methodology encourages extensive client participation and collaboration with design professionals to create the highest quality product.